Welcome To Push Bike Camping

Looking for cheap holiday Ideas? Fancy having an adventure? After the most exciting way to get fit on holiday? Welcome to Push Bike Camping.
Tent BycycleTake cycling – one of the most efficient and economic ways to travel. Not to mention how it exercises almost every muscle in the body!

Take camping – the cheapest accommodation around. Rustic, simple and easy to do everywhere.

Combine the two, and create your very own, eco-friendly, recession beating adventure!

Not only is this a fun, low cost way of reducing your carbon footprint, It’s one of the best ways to truly experience a country. That’s because the great thing about travelling this way, is being able to stop and look at anything you find interesting, as often as you want. As well as that, it’s a great way to meet people on the road. People will see what you are doing and find it interesting. Imagine, instead of trying to talk to the locals, they come to talk to you!

If you pale at the thought of carrying a lot of camping gear on a bike with you, don’t worry, it’s easier than you think!  The chances are you’re used to car camping, where you bring far more than you need without even realising it, because your mind figures “hey, I don’t have to carry it!”. Once you start to whittle down your pile of camping gear, you’ll be surprised at how much you don’t need.

Check out our gear list for an idea of what to bring.

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