Holland: A Bump In The Road

On Sunday morning I woke to find an email from Tom. Tom has been working offshore in Kazakhstan. He was supposed to be home on the 19th, leaving the best part of a week before our journey to Holland.

In the email, Tom told me that somewhere there had been a communication breakdown, that meant despite him having been assured that he would be back in time for our booked holiday, someone had put him down as being on a 28 day rotation, ending on the 30th – 6 days after we are meant to set out! This is not something that can be easily changed when working offshore, as you can imagine. However Tom is never easily put off.

The good news – Yesterday I finally got an update on the situation. By the sounds of it, Tom stood his ground and it looks like they will have to bring him home. It’s not set in stone yet, but but it sounds promising. For a couple of nail biting days there, it looked like the tour was off.