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Spain Perhaps?

Spain Cycle Path

It’s been a very busy couple of months since our trip to the Netherlands. I’ve been doing some work over in South Africa so I’ve done absolutely no cycling, and had little time to post anything. There’s way too many violent muggings for bicycle camping to be a worthwhile venture there! The roads can be […]

Returning From The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Well we’re back in the UK and the gloom of work has set in. We cycled 180 miles in total as well as taking a few train journeys to fit more in. For the girls it was their first ever tour. They did fantastically and they had a great time too! Our trip took us […]

Holland: The Journey Begins

Well today the journey finaly starts. In a few hours Bronwyn and I will be off to cach the train to the ferry port and Tom and Kate will be driving our bikes down there. It’s been a busy few days but now were all packed and ready to go. Wish us luck, this time […]

Holland: A Bump In The Road

On Sunday morning I woke to find an email from Tom. Tom has been working offshore in Kazakhstan. He was supposed to be home on the 19th, leaving the best part of a week before our journey to Holland. In the email, Tom told me that somewhere there had been a communication breakdown, that meant […]

The Road To Holland

holland 204cropped

  The first part of planning a tour is deciding how to get to your destination. If you live in mainland Europe then getting to Holland shouldn’t be hard. You could drive, catch a train or best of all cycle the whole way! Getting there from the UK is a bit more problematic, what with […]

Holland: The Next Adventure

Holland: Windmills and cycling

  Summer seems to have finally arrived and all of this sunshine is telling me its time to do some camping!   Towards the end of august we will be catching a ferry across the British channel for the start of our next tour. This time we’re off to the Netherlands. It’s the second time […]

10 Things I Take on a Cycling Tour

Wales tour 107cropped

There are plenty of items that you should bring on a bike camping excursion and later on I will create a full packing list. In my experience when you have to carry everything you need on your bike, the less you can get away with the better. So for now here is a list of […]

Welcome to Push Bike Camping

Bikes on the Rocks

And so it begins… Cycling is one of my favorite pastimes, and so is camping, combine the two and we have one sweet adventure! I decided to created this blog to share my knowledge and experiences with others who want to try something new and exciting for their next holiday. As I build the site I will try […]