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Holland: The Journey Begins

Well today the journey finaly starts. In a few hours Bronwyn and I will be off to cach the train to the ferry port and Tom and Kate will be driving our bikes down there. It’s been a busy few days but now were all packed and ready to go. Wish us luck, this time […]

Holland: Smoothing the road out

Ok, as you know from Alan’s post, we had a bit of drama with me being potentially stuck in Kazakhstan. In the end the client relented and I was able to leave on the dates that I had agreed… Which is what you’d expect! Anyway, the tour is firmly back on schedule; the bikes are […]

Holland: A Bump In The Road

On Sunday morning I woke to find an email from Tom. Tom has been working offshore in Kazakhstan. He was supposed to be home on the 19th, leaving the best part of a week before our journey to Holland. In the email, Tom told me that somewhere there had been a communication breakdown, that meant […]

The Road To Holland

holland 204cropped

  The first part of planning a tour is deciding how to get to your destination. If you live in mainland Europe then getting to Holland shouldn’t be hard. You could drive, catch a train or best of all cycle the whole way! Getting there from the UK is a bit more problematic, what with […]